Corona Virus

Fewer than ten per cent of employers had HR or workplace policies in place covering a disease pandemic prior to the coronavirus outbreak, according to new research from law firm Lewis Silkin.

Yet, as the outbreak has quickly spread – and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently confirmed the status of the virus as a ‘pandemic’ – almost 80% of businesses now have a policy in place, or at least have plans to implement policies, that respond to the outbreak.

James Davies, Employment Partner at Lewis Silkin, explained that employers are continually having to adapt and evolve as coronavirus continues to spread and new facts emerge. 

“This is a fast-moving situation and businesses will need to collaborate and learn from each other in order to know how best to move forward, with the wellbeing of staff and business continuity very much front of mind,” Davies added.

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It is therefore inconceivable that the support you will need from Human Resources won’t become critical to your employees and the financial strength of your company.

Indo Europa is here to help you through what will become an increasingly challenging public health and financial crisis.

How we are helping our clients

  • Absence policies associated with emergency leave, ill-health and bereavement leave.
  • Restructuring to support the financial position of your company, i.e. reducing employees pay over a specific period of time, making people redundant.
  • Home working policies
  • Create business continuity plans
  • Policies with Planned and unplanned travel

Sign-up to our HR Subscription service to gain free access to the tools we have developed to help you deal with Coronavirus.  These include:

  • Managing Coronavirus checklist
  • Letter template to employees setting out your position on pay and absence etc
  • Draft business continuity plan
  • Letter to employees reminding them of their responsibilities
  • Draft Pandemic contingency plan
  • Policy on controlling risks of infections in the workplace
  • Many other employment related documents