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Spain is an attractive jurisdiction to start your business because it is part of the European Union and you can find here legal and economical certainty. The country represents a competitive market with high demand of about 47 million people and it is an important bridge to the countries Latin America. It is a good platform fur business with great potential for growth that makes it possible to implement plans for investment and set up a new company. Spain is a popular immigration direction due to its high level of leaving and health care, good business environment. Therefore, Spanish business visas remain to be very popular among non-EU foreigners who want to start their business in Europe.




HOT PRICE 6’000 Eur for one person in the company. Each additional applicant in the same company +3’000 Eur ONLY!!!

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Register a new company in Spain and apply for 1 year visa immediately!!!

Company registration takes ~3 weeks. Company can be registered remotely (not necessary to come to Spain and stay here). Our lawyers will register a company for you in Spain under Power Of Attorney.

Our lawyers in Spain will prepare all needful company registration and other supporting documents to you and will send by post courier to your home address. Then you should apply for one year Spanish Business Visa in nearest Embassy of Spain. After 10 days you will get a decision from the Spanish Embassy regarding your one year business visa.

Each Spanish Business Visa applicant should have to have at least 5’000 Eur or more to show his savings in his private bank account for the sustenance him self after arriving to Spain. Also Embassy will ask you for the private Spanish insurance for at least 3 months, which usually costs ~60 Eur / month. Our representatives can help to acquire insurance or you can do it through the internet.

To start the procedure we will need from you:

1) Documents: copy of passport, address of living, tel. number – all of them you can send us by email  (also legalized police clearance certificate (should be submitted together with application, you do not need to send us for the beginning of process).

2) Prepayment for the services 50%, (we accept payments by bank transfers). And remaining amount should be paid only then when documents will be ready from our side.

3) We will send you Power Of Attorney by email, which you need properly notarize, legalize and send us back by post courier.

a) We will register a company for you in Spain and prepare all needful documents in ~3 weeks after we will get Power Of Attorney from you. (Power of Attorney will be prepare by our lawyers and sent to you by email, the you should legalize it in your country)

b) After it, package of the documents will be sent to your home address.

c) You should make an appointment with Spanish Embassy and apply for One Year Business Visa.

d) After 10 days you will get a decision from the Spanish Embassy. Then you should go to the embassy, collect your visa and come to Spain to proceed business with your company.

It’s easy like 1, 2, 3

Spanish One Year Business Visa allows to travel through all Schengen area (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Austria,  Poland, Italy and etc.)

After one year of having Spanish Business Visa, you will be able to apply for Spanish Residence Permit which is issued for 2 years! More information about Business Residence Permit in Spain you can find here:

Don’t hesitate and apply right now for one year BUSINESS Visa of Spain.

Send required documents (copy of passport, address of living, tel.number) to us by email

More detailed information about Spain Visa you can find further

The business visa to Spain will let you starting up a business in the EU and being in Spain and the Schengen zone countries without or with minimum restrictions.

Short Term Spanish Schengen Visa

Spanish visas might be single-entry, dual-entry and multiple-entry visas. A foreigner travelling to Spain may be issued a Schengen visa with limited territorial Visa validity. The visa fee and cost of the procedure vary depending on the type of visa the client needs.

 Type of visas: 

⦁ Schengen visa;

⦁ national visa (D).

Schengen visas:

 ⦁ airport transit visa (A);

⦁ short-stay visa (C).

In order to get a Schengen short-stay visa (type C) an invitation letter from a legal or natural person for temporal arrival of the foreigner to the Kingdom of Spain, the invitation letter must be written in Spanish. The foreigner must also complete duly the application form and prove available finances (bank certificates) for return to the country where the foreigner has the right to go. The foreigner must also present airline tickets. Intending to enter the Kingdom of Spain for many times, the relevant documents proving the necessity for multiple entries to the country must be submitted.

A national visa for a single entry (type D) may be issued to a foreigner having obtained a permit of temporary or permanent residence in the Kingdom of Spain. A national visa for multiple entries (type D) may be issued to a foreigner who submits the documents proving that he intends to enter the Kingdom of Spain periodically and while his main place of residence is in a foreign country and there is no requirement for the foreigner to get a temporary residence permit in the Kingdom of Spain.

Among other cases, the Spanish business visa may be issued to a foreigner who periodically comes to the Kingdom of Spain to work or engage in any other lawful activity and whose main place of residence is in a foreign state. In this case, the visa (type D) is issued for a period not exceeding one year.

NOTE: The Embassy can ask any additional documents that they feel are needed. In such a case you should contact the Embassy to inquire about this and if necessary – to reply to the business visa interview questions.


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