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Due to continuous globalisation processes, today companies are facing more and more business challenges all over the world including more strict regulations and law enforcement in different jurisdictions where they operate. That is why international business can hardly handle without professional legal assistance.
A sustainable economy of the Kingdom of Spain, a broad market with intense internal demand for different commodities and with great potential for growth makes it possible for every beginner foreign entrepreneur to implement its business plans for investment in running business or to start everything from the first steps by setting up a business and actually engaging in the desired business activities compatible with laws of the country.

Good geographical location gives the freedom of taking advantage of good weather conditions and to engage in agriculture, growing tourism allows opening cafes, a souvenir shop or to engage in other businesses. Multicultural population environment, principles of freedom of speech, freedom of choice of business performance principles allow each visiting foreigner, in accordance with the laws, to feel free expressing business idea, without fear for his or her status as a foreigner and possible restrictions to start of the legitimate business activities. That is way the Kingdom of Spain remains popular jurisdiction to start a business here.

Before they start their business, many foreign investors need legal services as well as legal advice of an experienced tax lawyer and even of an immigration lawyer.
Our international enterprise with a network of branches operating in a several EU countries offer a wide range of legal services that include setting up, expansion and management of any legal entity in Spain (e.g., formation and new company registration, assistance in purchase of ready-made business as well as provision of market research in a specific business industry and etc.), also the business immigration services (preparation of all the necessary documents for non-residents to obtain or extend visas or a residence permit on the basis of company registration for purpose to live, work and thus freely move throughout the Schengen territory, foreigner employment services etc.).

The main areas of our legal assistance for business:
Indo Europa is your business lawyer and one of the leaders among legal service providers in Spain. The employees of Indo Europa company are ranked among top lawyers in Spain. We are a team of experienced and highly qualified lawyers and tax consultants providing legal services and tax consulting services in Spain. Our teams are always ready to listen to the clients and provide legal assistance for entrepreneurs, business start-ups, small businesses as well as for international business. All members of our team are among the best lawyers in Spain with some specific areas of specialization. That is why we can offer quick and effective, practical, proven and cost-effective legal solutions. We can provide professional legal consulting and tax consulting services not only to Spanish, but also to foreign natural and legal persons.   We invest our time to understand the needs and problems of our clients. We offer commercial business law services in several jurisdictions.

Corporate law. Mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale, interception of companies and businesses; drafting of corporate and internal documents. Corporate issues often require substantial expertise in other practice areas. We are advising on full spectrum of corporate law issues, from incorporation and business start-up of companies of all legal forms; we can help in founding representative offices or subsidiaries, as well as in elaboration of the most appropriate corporate governance structure and general corporate advice; Consulting on M&A transactions, as well as corporate restructuring and drafting of transaction documents are also areas of our expertise. We can also help you to start a new company online and to open a new bank account, to arrange the whole range of internal corporate documents: internal rules of work, job descriptions, orders, employment contracts, collective agreements, documents on authorized capital increase, financial liability contracts and other corporate issues relevant for starting a business. We also can help you to open a bank account in Spain or abroad.

Tax law. Tax law is one of the most difficult but also very important areas of law. Our tax practice group is experienced in an extensive number of tax related issues. Our experienced tax lawyers provide tax consultancy services ensure tax efficiency for large and small businessmaking their businesses more profitable. We render full scale advice on taxation, analyse existing taxation structures and advise our clients on optimization of taxation, establishment of subsidiaries by local and foreign companies, tax planning, avoidance of double taxation. Moreover, we advice our clients on tax-saving opportunities: this knowledge plays a very important role nowadays. We provide legal assistance and issue legal opinions on tax consequences and tax optimization while structuring transactions, corporate restructurings, transactions with real property, as well as assist in cross-border transactions; Our business and tax lawyers have long year experience in matters with state bodies.

Migration law. Indo Europa has specialist lawyers dealing with immigration law including applications to the Migration authorities and Spanish embassies abroad. Our immigration lawyers in Spain can also give their professional advice people who are in the country illegally and who face detention or deportation. We prepare our clients for the consulate and/ or embassy interview and help with business visa. Spanish business visas remain to be very popular among foreigners who want to start their business in Europe or just want to invest in Spain. Spain has attractive programs for large investors. We assist our clients in obtaining of a Schengen (Spain) business visa and Spanish gold visa. Our immigration lawyers will help you with an application / prolongation of Business visas, employment permits, migration registration, executing invitations to foreign nationals and other migration issues. In personal immigration matters, we handle marriage applications, applications for family members and visitors, asylum applications and Human Rights based applications. Good knowledge of the Spanish law allows us to manage this procedure quickly and in a qualitative manner, so Spanish business visa process does not take much time.

Corporate auditing and accounting services. Upon your request, we render mandatory and voluntary audits of annual financial statements of the company or corporation, or to offer you accounting services in accordance with IFRS/IAS, as well as other mandatory and optional audit reviews and due Diligence.

Contract law. Contract law is the most important part in commercial activity. That is why we pay much attention to the contracts. Whether you need a standard contract or a tailored contract to cover a particular transaction, we will draft it for you and help you to negotiate the best conditions of the transaction or to assess the contractual provisions. Our legal consultantsnegotiate, draft, review and advise on all types of commercial contracts, including goods and services sale and purchase, supply agreements, lease agreements, distribution agreements, agreements on alienation of real property, franchise and license agreements, etc.

Preparation of documents, applications for various state authorities for obtaining certificates, licenses, permits by top lawyers of our company;
Procedural law. Representation of clients in courts, preparation of complaints, claims and other service documents

Labour law. If necessary, we can help you to employ or dismiss a local employee or a foreign employee. We will care about necessary permits and other documents. These issues are the most important for non-residents developing international business in several countries.

Debt recovery. Effective debt recovery, prompt evaluation of the debtor situation and proper preparation of the actions plan, participation in bankruptcy procedure.
Usually, the cost of legal services for small business seems to be high enough and they decide not to hire legal consultants.

Our legal service company provides services at a very favourable price agreed with each client individually. According to the situation and needs of our clients, we can offer accounting solutions, prepare tax return documents and provide other legal services and to offer the service of an English-speaking lawyers for foreigners in Spain. As experienced business lawyers, tax lawyers and immigration lawyers in Spain with a practical focus we can help clients meet their challenges and develop commercial solutions. We always strive for mutually beneficial partnership.

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