Business for sale in Spain

Each investor willing to set up a company is aware that time is money and any entrepreneur who has a good idea for a business must begin to implement it as soon as possible. As the procedure of setting up a company from the beginning requires more time and effort, a ready-made company in Spain is a useful choice. By opposite, most firms that offer ready-made companies can conclude all the procedures in the shortest time. This is an obvious advantage of buying a ready-made company in Spain.

As a general rule, most of the ready-made companies in Spain are incorporated as limited liability companies, as this business form represents the most common type of company registered here. Furthermore, this type of legal entity can be set up as:

public limited company – the general public is allowed to purchase shares in the company;

private limited company – it is established by a number of investors, who have the right over the company’s shares.

If you decided to purchase a company in Spain, our consultants can offer two ways:

1. Purchase a new company (ready made or shelf company);

2. Purchase a running business in Spain.

Indo Eiuropa can offer small businesses and already running businesses for sale. Buy a Spanish already registered company, then you will be able to start a business hassle free in only one working day. All companies we have for sale are inspected, good financial standing, without any possible debts or obligations. We issue guarantee document with each our sold company to you. It is a risk free transaction!

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