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Indo Europa Recruitment is a global specialist in talent sourcing & hiring


CRM Team Lead

Responsible for developing and leading the strategic vision for CRM. Drive transformation through development of clever commercial strategies, distinctive experiences ...continued


P2P Associate

Responsible for accounts payable, invoice verification and QC. Pays vendors by monitoring discount opportunities; verifying federal id numbers; scheduling ...continued



Support bid projects. Manager meetings with subcontractors. Work closely with proposals Manager and Bid project manager(s). Work with in-house construction divisions. ...continued

About Indo Europa

Indo Europa is a European leader in recruitment, staffing, talent sourcing and people management.

  • Talent sourced to match your culture.
  • Diverse database of resources across skill levels.
  • Total quality control.

Indo Europa assures the right fit for the right task.

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We have extensive expertise in recruiting candidates at all levels across Europe.


Indo Europa takes pride in its role of building organizations by building careers.

William Aytron

Head of People & Culture

Indo Europa helped us find and hire for over 700 specialized positions within 3 months. All the candidates were pre-screened before our in-house interviews and we saved a great deal of time.

Teresa Richards

Group Manager

Attrition was always a challenge with our factory floor staff. Indo Europa helped us develop a customizes benefits plan and screen candidates who are happy to stay with us.

Aisha Iqbal

Sales Executive

Relocating to Europe would have been a distant dream if not for the the support of Indo Europa. These amazing people helped me right from my visa application to landing the right job.

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3 Ways to Make your CV Stand out

  • Be Precise
    Stay away from ambiguous long-winded descriptions and describe your experience with utmost precision
  • Customize your CV for the job
    It is a good idea to tweak your CV as per the R&R of the given job
  • Zero Error
    Check, double-check, triple-check and repeat. A CV with an error is the recipe for rejection.

Europe Work Visa Checklist

While rules vary from country to country, here are some common threads:

  • 2 signed copies of application form
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Application Fee
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of academic qualifications
  • Language proficiency certificates
  • Insurance

Moving to another country for a job? Things to check

If you wish to join the tribe of globe-trotting nomad workers, we at Indo Europa wish you all the best.

  • Determine where to go as per your skill level
  • Check if you are eligible for visa and work permits
  • Application Fee
  • Look for jobs that match the cost of living
  • Find a local support group